Preparing for your visit

1. What are the Registration and Operating Hours of the clinic?
Please see our operating hours here. ​Please refer to our Notices for ad-hoc clinic maintenance and special events.

2. What do I need to bring for my first visit?
Please bring your physical IC or passport on your first visit for registration purposes.

3. Will I be able to see the doctor at the booked timeslot?
The time given is estimated based on the number of patients before your turn. It may change if the doctor takes a little longer to see each patient, depending on the medical condition

4. Do I need to make an appointment?
It is recommended to make an appointment to avoid long waiting time or the chance that you might not be able to see the doctor.

5. Can I walk-in for consultation?
Yes you can. However it is advisable to make an appointment to avoid long waiting time or the chance that you might not be able to see the doctor.

6. What are your recommendations on the better doctors?
All of our physicians are registered chinese medicine physician of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board of Singapore. They have all been trained with the skills to diagnose and treat using chinese medicine.

7. Can I request for a medical record for insurance claims?
If you require a medical record for insurance claims, please request for the documentation on the day of your visit. If you request for a backdated medical record, a fee will be charged. 

8. If I did not request for a medical certificate (MC) during my consultation, can I come back on another day to get it​?
If you require an MC, please request for it on the day of your visit. MCs cannot be backdated. 


1. Can I buy Chinese medicine over the counter from your clinic?
No, you can’t. You will need to consult our physicians first before they can prescribe the herbs for you.



1. Can I do Tuina when I have sprains?
The physician will decide which treatment is more suitable for your situation.

2. Can I request to do a cupping treatment only?
Yes, but you are still required to consult a physician before the treatment.

3. Why is consultation necessary before cupping/tuina treatment?
This is our clinic policy that all forms of treatment including tuina and cupping can only be done after consultation.

4. Does NTU Chinese Medicine Clinic do any brewing of the herbs?
Yes we do have brewing services for herb prescriptions prescribed by our physicians. Please let your physician know during the consultation that you would like to have the herbs brewed by the clinic. We do not brew herbs bought outside of the clinic.



1. What are the payment modes available in the clinic?
We accept Cash, Nets or PayLah! only.



1. How do I go about obtaining my medical record for insurance claims?
After consultation and prior to payment, you may ask for your medical record at the reception counter . Administrative fees will be charged for backdating of medical records for your previous. Therefore, please request for the medical record on the day of visit.

2. Would I be able to obtain MC for my visit?
Yes, MC will be issued at the discretion of the attending physician. Recognition of a Chinese medicine clinic MC depends on individual organisation, so it is advisable to check with your organisation on the acceptability. MCs will only be issued on the day of visit. MCs strictly cannot be backdated.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​